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Indirect Taxes

indirect tax

Our team of experts can guide you about some of the significant Indirect Taxation regulations in India.

We provide pragmatic solutions for a variety of organizations including multi-national corporations, large Indian corporations and small and medium enterprises.

In India, some of the significant Indirect Taxation regulations are:

Apart from the above, the following regulations are also closely associated with the Indirect Tax authorities and regulations:

  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ) regulations
  • Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) regulations
  • 100 % Export Oriented Units (EOU) regulations
  • Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) regulations

A well planned indirect tax strategy is essential for competitive product pricing and ensuring increased profitability. We M/s. Ravi Shankar & Subraminian has experienced teams focused on various significant indirect taxes including GST.

Our Services

Our indirect tax team provides end to end services in terms of advisory, compliances, transaction structuring and even litigation support. The unique feature of the indirect tax practice at M/s. Ravi Shankar & Subraminian are to enable corporates to take holistic decisions considering the applicability of the entire gamut of taxes to a particular transaction being tested; rather than looking at each of the various taxes in isolation.