Non resident Taxation

Non resident Taxation


This is another specialized area within our Direct tax practice.

The firm provides advisory and compliance services covering the entire gamut of Foreign exchange law and Taxation law applicable to Non-Residents including the following areas:

Non-Resident Indian Taxation Services

Filing of Return of Income and Wealth

  • The tax returns can be compiled based on the input provided by the client.
  • After the preparation of tax return, it can be filed electronically or physically.
  • We provide tax representations before tax authorities, if required, for tax refunds or any other clarifications.
  • We also offer tax support services on regular taxtion matters.

Capital Gains Advise

  • Advisory support services in relation to Capital gains arising from the transfer of a capital asset such as shares or debentures of an Indian company, gold, Immovable property and any other capital asset
  • Advise on Deposit of applicable taxes in India
  • Support in deposit of tax and repatriation of money

FEMA / RBI Related Services

  • Compliance of the procedure for repatriation of income / assets from India
  • Applications to Reserve Bank of India for purchase / sale of shares, debentures & security, directly and indirectly from Residents/Non Residents in or outside India
  • Application to Reserve Bank of India for purchase / sale of residential and commercial properties including renting out of properties
  • Any specific advice required in relation to FEMA/RBI matters

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Filing
Professional support in filing Applications for Allotment of Permanent Account Number (PAN)