Private Limited

Private Limited Company Incorporation


private limited company is a company which is privately held for small businesses.

A Registration of Private Limited Company is one that has separate legal entities following the regular succession, with a benefit of limited liability for its shareholders.

Steps for company formation in India

Step 1 Obtaining Director Identification Number(DIN) Completed on Day 1
Step 2 Obtaining Digital Signature for two of the Directors of the Proposed Company Completed on Day 1
Step 3 Application for Name Availability & Obtaining the Name for the Proposed Company Completed on Day 4
Step 4 Drafting ,Stamping of Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association for the Company and filing with Registrar of Companies. Completed on Day 7
Step 5 Certificate of Incorporation obtained Completed on Day 7

Allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN)

Application in Form DIR-3 shall be made online and provisional DIN number of the person intending to become director of the Company shall be generated.

Acquiring Digital Signature certificate (DSC)

Digital Signature Certificate is acquired by submitting the application with prescribed fee to one of the registred vendors. On submission of documents, DSC is allotted in 24 hours.

Name Approval of the company

An application in Form No. 1 needs to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) online through Digital Signature of one of the proposed director. On submitting the application, the ROC scrutinizes the same and sends the approval / objections in about 2 business days to the applicant through e-mail.

Procedure for registration of the company

We are allowed 60 days after name approval of the company to complete the following documents. Upon submission of the following documents the company registration is usually granted within 3 working days.

An application for registration should be submitted to the Registrar of Companies with the following documents:

  • Memorandum of Association;
  • Articles of Association;
  • A declaration in Form 1 by a person named in the articles of the proposed company as a director, manager, or secretary of the company,;
  • Form DIR 12 for appointment of Directors with their consent letters
  • Form INC 22 providing information about the registered office

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